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Wood Hicks and Bark Peelers

Lumber Heritage Region

Wood Hicks and Bark Peelers


Among the many industries founded in Pennsylvania, one of the most prosperous enterprises was the lumber industry. Across Pennsylvania, men were hired by lumber barons to participate in strenuous and dangerous labor to make the timber industry boom. These workers generated a camaraderie, and to make life more enjoyable, they established lumber camps. It was in these camps that these men lived, worked, and spent their time together as they cleared the land of trees to meet popular demand. For years, the lives of these wood hicks and bark peelers was unknown until William T. Clarke came along. Using photography, Clarke showed the world what it meant to work in the lumber business. From jobbers and skidders to the teamsters and bark peelers, Clarke succeeded in showing the true history behind one of Pennsylvania's greatest business ventures. After his death, his photos were lost to history until just a few years ago. In Wood Hicks and Bark Peelers, readers take a journey as they read the history of Pennsylvania's lumber industry and stand in awe at how Clarke captured this history through pictures. For anyone who loves history, has family routes in the Pennsylvania lumber history, or ecstatic about photography, this publication would look stupendous on any bookshelf or coffee table!

  • Copyright: 2016
  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 1" x 9"
  • Page Count: 252 pages
  • Illustrations: 121 b&w illustrations
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.

The Lumber Heritage Region of Pennsylvania is one of the 12 Heritage Areas in Pennsylvania. Their charge is to preserve, relate, and enhance the history and heritage of the people and their relationship with the Pennsylvania Forests.

The Lumber Heritage Region headquarters is located in Dark Skies; learn more about this inspiring landscape now.

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