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Kinzua Bridge Notebooks

Kinzua Bridge Notebooks

Laughing Owl Press
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Long before the smartphone, laptop, or tablet, the recording device of choice was a Field Notebook!

Using one of their eight antique printing presses, Laughing Owl Press brought the Kinzua Viaduct to life through three expertly printed designs. With three notebooks in each set you can always keep one handy to take note of a brilliant idea, capture a memory, or keep yourself on task.

Product Features

One set of (3) notebooks, each with a different design and measuring 3.5 " x 0.9" x 5.5"

Meet the Maker

The Laughing Owl Press is a full service letterpress print shop nestled in the heart of the Pennsylvania Wilds in beautiful Kane, PA. Founded by Joe and Andrea Lanich, they have been producing quality letterpress printing since 2010. Prior to opening Laughing Owl, Andrea was an architect, and Joe was a robotics engineer - both careers have contributed to the design aspect of letterpress printing, as well as upkeep of equipment and innovative ideas.

Laughing Owl Press is located in Allegheny National Forest and Surrounds; learn more about this inspiring landscape now.

See photographs of Laughing Owl Press creating in their studio here.



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