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Creative Makers Exhibit: Heron
Creative Makers Exhibit: Heron
Creative Makers Exhibit: Heron
Creative Makers Exhibit: Heron
Creative Makers Exhibit: Heron
Creative Makers Exhibit: Heron

Creative Makers Exhibit: Heron

The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania
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Photographs of Heron, creating in their studio space which can be found in Warren County.

The original and transcendent sounds of the instrumental collective known as Heron blend resonant, melodic elements with darker, more ambient tones.

These sounds come to life in the old cabin the band practices in – which also serves as the drummer’s home.

There’s a juxtaposition of traditional Pennsylvania cabin life and new age music.

In a small compact room with a vaulted ceiling, complete with old wooden support beams and a mounted buck, modern songs are constructed and improvised upon.

The drums and amplifiers take up a majority of the main room – yet, the space welcomes creativity and onlookers.

The band members – Ben Blick, Eric Morelli, Boyd Lewis and Nate Blick – seamlessly fall into their rehearsal routine.

The creative makers are preparing for their next public rendition.

They lay a recorder in the rafters and begin kneading the next instrumental song, as lyric-less as the rest. They write, perform, play back, add to the composition, perform, play back. It’s give and take, loud and melodic.

Their love for the outdoors and passion for authenticity is reflected in the environment in which they work and from which they draw inspiration.

And it carries over into the sounds within their songs.

These images were captured by Tracy Smith as part of the 2018 Creative Makers Exhibit, a traveling showcase of creative makers working in the PA Wilds. 

More about the show here. Proceeds from the sales of the Creative Makers Exhibit photographic tiles & posters will go back into the work of the Wilds Cooperative and the extension of this project as we will continue photographing the creative makers living and working in the PA Wilds.  

Each tile measures 8 in x 8 in and is mounted on foam core that is approximately 3/4 in thick and comes with adhesive attached for wall mounting. 

Please note: Orders for photographic tiles are placed in a batch at the end of each month with the vendor, and then take an additional 2 weeks for delivery.  Please be prepared that your order could take 4-6 weeks for delivery.    

Over 10 years ago, a groundbreaking effort began to brand a quarter of the Commonwealth as the "Pennsylvania Wilds" and invest in it to create a premier nature, heritage and cultural destination that would fuel local economies and inspire stewardship among the people who live, work, play and visit the region. Engaging the region's artists and craftspeople in the work is key to building a meaningful regional brand and infusing pride into economically-distressed communities. The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, our membership program that supports artisans and entrepreneurs through such regional branding, was born out of this belief. Today, nearly 200 local artists and craftspeople participate in this juried arts and business development program. "Creative Makers" reflects the splendor and uniqueness of the Pennsylvania Wilds landscape and rural lifestyle, and the resourcefulness and talent of the artists who live and work here.  PA Wilds Juried photographers captured the images, and our goal with the exhibit is to help tell the story of the creative individuals living and working in the PA Wilds.
This project is made possible through grants from the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts.

The PA Wilds is home to an impressive and diverse community of skilled artisans, craftspeople, and producers working across a variety of media. The PA Wilds Conservation Shop is proud to source and curate our shop using products made the many talented makers of The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania.  
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