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Creative Makers Exhibit: Tom Svec Furniture Design
Creative Makers Exhibit: Tom Svec Furniture Design
Creative Makers Exhibit: Tom Svec Furniture Design
Creative Makers Exhibit: Tom Svec Furniture Design

Creative Makers Exhibit: Tom Svec Furniture Design

The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania
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Photographs of Tom Svec Furniture Design, which can be found in Clinton County.

Tom Svec, owner of Tom Svec Furniture Design, combines creativity and craftsmanship to produce furniture that doubles as works of art.

He single-handedly designs, selects materials for and creates each piece. The process of creating his functional art has become almost like second nature to him; after all, he has been a self-employed studio furniture maker since he graduated from college in 1979.

“Although I have always built things out of wood going back to childhood, establishing a furniture design/build business was a late occurring idea,” he explained.

"My designs are intended to be sensitive to wood as a finite resource," said Svec, who works in sustainably-harvested native hardwoods and salvaged lumber, and tries “to allow the material to actively collaborate in the design process.”

“I incorporate the flaws, knots, splits, insect holes, etc., as the most beautiful figure and color are often found adjacent to the material's most glaring flaws – an appropriate metaphor for the human condition,” he said.

He works on pieces tucked away in his studio, nestled between the West Branch Susquehanna River and farmlands on the outskirts of Lock Haven.

Walk into the workspace and you just might find Tom with his back turned to you, eyes fixed on the various flanks of wood arranged on shelves around the room. “Sometimes I do this for hours a day! Some of the pieces in the back have been there for 20 years!"

These images were captured by Bill Crowell as part of the 2018 Creative Makers Exhibit, a traveling showcase of creative makers working in the PA Wilds. 

More about the show here. Proceeds from the sales of the Creative Makers Exhibit photographic tiles & posters will go back into the work of the Wilds Cooperative and the extension of this project as we will continue photographing the creative makers living and working in the PA Wilds.  

Product Features

Each tile measures 8 in x 8 in and is mounted on foam core that is approximately 3/4 in thick and comes with adhesive attached for wall mounting. 

Please note: Orders for photographic tiles are placed in a batch at the end of each month with the vendor, and then take an additional 2 weeks for delivery.  Please be prepared that your order could take 4-6 weeks for delivery.    

Meet the Maker

Over 10 years ago, a groundbreaking effort began to brand a quarter of the Commonwealth as the "Pennsylvania Wilds" and invest in it to create a premier nature, heritage and cultural destination that would fuel local economies and inspire stewardship among the people who live, work, play and visit the region. Engaging the region's artists and craftspeople in the work is key to building a meaningful regional brand and infusing pride into economically-distressed communities. The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, our membership program that supports artisans and entrepreneurs through such regional branding, was born out of this belief. Today, nearly 200 local artists and craftspeople participate in this juried arts and business development program. "Creative Makers" reflects the splendor and uniqueness of the Pennsylvania Wilds landscape and rural lifestyle, and the resourcefulness and talent of the artists who live and work here.  PA Wilds Juried photographers captured the images, and our goal with the exhibit is to help tell the story of the creative individuals living and working in the PA Wilds.
This project is made possible through grants from the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts.



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