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Jabebo earrings are manufactured in Bellefonte, PA, with post-consumer paperboard from cereal box cartons. Since many communities do not recycle the material, Jabebo utilizes paperboard due to its ideal thickness for the earrings and to reduce landfill waste using approximately 60 cereal boxes per week. Guess which cereal box was used in making the earrings by taking a look at the back of the earrings themselves and the back of the card they are posted on!  Once the earrings have been assembled, they are dipped in a non-toxic natural shellac which helps to filter UV light. To create a more durable, water-resistant and appealing finish, a final treatment of epoxy is added to the earrings.  In most cases, each earring in a pair are not identical (male and female, in different poses, etc.), which make them even more unique.

Made by hand from recycled cereal boxes

Unique nature designs

Water-resistant finish 

Non-toxic finish to protect from UV light

Light weight

Surgical steel hangers with ear nuts to prevent slipping 

When scientist, teacher friends and students began to admire the mismatched, narrative images inspired by science and nature, Jabebo Earrings was created in 1995. The sun and moon was the first design created which has since led to more than 300 designs today. Over the years, their process and equipment has evolved and has incorporated the use of cereal box paperboard in the process to allow for an ideal thickness and to help eliminate excess landfill waste. Kevin, co-owner and creator of Jabebo Earrings, is the chief naturalist and curator of the collection of designs. He has a Wildlife Ecology degree from the University of Florida. Mary, co-owner and inspiration for Jabebo Earrings, has a degree in Music Education from Penn State and a master's degree from the University of Maryland.

Jabebo's studio is located in the I-80 Frontier; learn more about this inspiring landscape now.

See photographs of Jabebo creating in their studio here.

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