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Kinzua Clock
Kinzua Clock

Kinzua Clock

Kane Historical Preservation Society
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Handcrafted from recovered handrails off the original Kinzua Bridge! Get a piece of this monument to engineering innovation that has stood the test of time while supplies last! Only about 10 percent of the original handrails could be salvaged following the partial destruction of the bridge in 2003 by an F1 tornado. What remained, like the bridge itself, took a licking but keeps on ticking, and those remnants were designed into these keepsake clocks that come with a certificate of authenticity. Get your piece of history before time runs out!

Product Features

Aged and distressed wood, each is unique. Approx 8.4" x 5.3" x 5.4"

3.2 lbs.

Meet the Maker

In 1995 for the purpose of acquiring and preserving the old Pennsylvania Railroad Station in Kane, Pa., estimated to have been built in 1871, The Kane Depot Preservation Society was formed. The group merged with the Kane Historical Society to form the Kane Historic Preservation Society. The group operates through private donations and memberships.

The Kane Historic Preservation Society is located in Allegheny National Forest and Surrounds; learn more about this inspiring landscape now.



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