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Milkweed Monarchy Hunters Helper

Milkweed Monarchy Hunters Helper

Milkweed Monarchy
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Hosting 2 million acres of public forest with eight state forests and 50 state game lands, the Pennsylvania Wilds is a hunter's paradise! The Pennsylvania Wilds area is also in the center of the migration corridor for the northeast summer breeding habitat. Monarch butterflies return to the Northeast and Canada each spring and need the milkweed plants for laying eggs and feeding the caterpillar stage. The nectar from the milkweed blossom is used to nourish the butterfly. In addition to planting the milkweed seeds that may grow and aid monarch butterflies with breeding and feeding, this milkweed floss is also a natural wind direction indicator, which is perfect to help hunters determine where to post to be upwind of the deer they're hunting!

Product Features

Natural wind direction indicator, one bag milkweed floss

Meet the Maker

Milkweed Monarchy was created to encourage planting of milkweed to restore the monarch butterfly habitat, restore migration corridors, and fund milkweed education and research.

Milkweed Monarchy is located in the I-80 Frontier; learn more about this inspiring landscape now.

See photographs of Milkweed Monarchy in action here.



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