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Wee Mindful Charms - Train
Wee Mindful Charms - Train
Wee Mindful Charms - Train

Wee Mindful Charms - Train

Stephanie Distler
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Besides capturing the imagination of many, trains also hold a historical significance to the Pennsylvania Wilds. In 1882, the Kinzua Viaduct (Kinzua Bridge) was first constructed as an alternative route to transport coal, oil, and timber by train. When the bridge could no longer support the weight of heavier steel trains, the viaduct underwent its own steel restoration project in 1900. Eventually, the bridge became a popular passageway for excursion trains, and these trips brought thousands of visitors who wished to see this railroad masterpiece up close. Now, you can keep your own railroad masterpiece up close with these copper train-themed mini charms on a silver ball chain. Although copper instead of the steel trains that once crossed the Kinzua Viaduct, these train-stamped charms can still pay homage to the locomotive history within the Pennsylvania Wilds or just display your love of trains in general wherever you may travel!

3.25 in. x 1.2 in. x 2.25 in.

Copper train-themed mini charm on silver ball chain

Stephanie Distler is a self taught jewelry making artist living in Elk County. Using nature for inspiration, she designs and creates artisan jewelry together with hand tools using silver (sterling and pure), copper, and brass in either wire or sheet form. Collecting metalsmithing tools, learning new techniques, and then implementing them in her designs is a passion that is the touchstone of daily life.

Stephanie's studio is located in Elk Country; learn more about this inspiring landscape now. 

See photographs of Stephanie creating in her studio here.

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