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Wooden Skywalk Pin

Wooden Skywalk Pin

Elkwood Arts
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Looking for a small token to mark your visit to Kinzua Bridge State Park? Then, this engraved wooden skywalk pin might be just what you're looking for! Made of Pennsylvania hardwoods, the wood of this pin is engraved with an image of the Kinzua Bridge State Park skywalk. This pin can be placed on your lapel, backpack, hat, jacket or anywhere else you can think of where you want to display your memory of the monument once called the Eighth Wonder of the World! And what's nice about the pin is when you're bored with it on one item, you could then take it off and move it to a different spot.

Product Features

0.9" x 0.1" x 0.9"

Meet the Maker

Elkwood Arts is a licensed vocational facility providing sheltered employment and training to disabled adults. They are a program of Dickinson Center, Inc. and their mission is to search for ways to meet the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities who are unable to obtain employment and show an interest in woodworking. The result is quality and handmade products made from Pennsylvania hardwoods.

Elkwood Arts is located in Elk Country; learn more about this inspiring landscape now.

See photographs of workers creating at Elkwood Arts here.



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