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Your Fired Kinzua Mugs
Your Fired Kinzua Mugs
Your Fired Kinzua Mugs
Your Fired Kinzua Mugs

Your Fired Kinzua Mugs

Your Fired Pottery
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Grab hold of a hot beverage without getting burned with these mugs from Your Fired Pottery!  These wheel thrown lightweight, white stoneware ceramic mugs are brightly colored using handmade glazes.  Because they are hand made, each mug is unique, but every mug is microwave, oven, dishwasher, and food safe.  Artist Stacie Johnson-Leske created a line of products from photographs she took of the bridge.  She then converted the photographs into drawings that were made into special stamps for use with ceramics.  These stamps are used in the center design for these mugs, making for the perfect souvenir for visitors to Kinzua Bridge State Park.

Product Features

5" x 3.5" x 5.2"

1 lb.

Microwave, oven, dishwasher, and food safe

Meet the Maker

Stacie Johnson-Leske, as a ceramics artist, is inspired by and employs many lessons she has acquired from years of dance training as she once dreamed of a career as a ballerina. For Stacie, the clay is the body of the dancer and she is the music who uses the rhythm of the spinning wheel to encourage the clay to compress and stretch into fanciful shapes. Once the form is complete, it is costumed in richly colored glazes or textured in swirling black and white, enhancing the shape and drawing in the viewer's eyes. Each piece allows the viewer to bring to it their own feelings and experiences, inviting them to see and lift for themselves a light and graceful dancer.

Stacie's studio is located in Elk Country; learn more about this inspiring landscape now.

See photographs of Stacie creating in her studio here.



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